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In our globalized world, more and more businesses feel the need to open to foreign markets, whether they manufacture products, or provide services. A good webpage can tell a lot about your company, and besides basic data it can provide business, thanks to the success of the marketing research that is now in fashion, called by another name: SEO. English webpage translation is not just for English-speaking customers, these days it is understood that a lot of people speak English around the world at some level, so if you want to translate your Hungarian webpage in Europe into just one language, then in most cases your choice would be English.

The fact that in Austria or in Germany people already learn English in elementary school, and thanks to the use of the internet, the English language spread around the world significantly proves the assumption that an English webpage can provide a large amount of visitors for your company or business. Website translations to English, German, Slovak, Romanian, Spanish or French are likewise available, in just a short time.

Native-speaking webpages convert better!

One of the most eminent European university studies found that internet users’ willingness to shop is significantly increased if they are able to read the website in their mother tongue. This is why it’s really important for you to take this seriously and become more open to the possibility of translating your site through the help of our products and services.

Another positive side to having an English webpage that must also mention, is that the users can judge in a second how serious your company is or is not – it’s enough to look in the upper right corner and if they can’t see the well-known English or German flags, then they may think that your company only speaks Hungarian and that you are not willing to do business with the world, which can perhaps leave people with doubt about your product or service – or, worse, they may think that you yourself do not truly believe in it!

Website translation in Glasgow

In short, if you have any type of product or service, an English webpage can’t hurt the image of the product or the image, and we have heard back from many customers in many places that after the English webpage was done, the foreign marketing, the online advertisements, the optimization of searches began, because there was a place to point the people to for information and details – something that can’t always  be said for a Hungarian webpage.

Webpages, websites translation to English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian and other languages in a short time for competitive prices.

What we already have experience in:
  • webpage translations to English
  • company websites in English
  • Blog, article translations
  • Software localization to English, German, Slovak, Romanian
  • Internet content translations
  • Web shop translations to English, online shop content translations
  • Whole website translations to English in a short time

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