Webpage Translation

Webpage translations

According to international studies, Internet users show a much greater willingness to buy if you communicate with the in their mother tongue. This is why it is crucial that your webpage is translated into several languages.

When it comes to webpage translation, we try to place a great emphasis on the translated text being rich with key words, which will result in the webpage getting a good place in a typical Google search – this of course results in better business prospects and internet turnover.

We believe that  then translation of webpages can only be done correctly by a translator who is comfortable with 21st century Internet applications and social websites, and who knows that ‘Facebook’ shouldn’t be translated literally.

Company webpage translations to English – WITH A FREE SEO PACKAGE!

Company or private webpage translation. Along with webpage translations we now offer a free SEO/Marketing research package in cooperation with a local online marketing agency, which costs you nothing. We will prepare it on your website and after taking written advice, your webpage turnover will most definitely increase!

The Internet has changed our world, and if we don’t want to be left out then we must communicate with everyone efficiently. We must tell them who we are, what we do, why they should do business with us, why our product is better than similar products, and why our service is better than our competitors’.

Webpages express what partners in businesses believe. It shows their vision, philosophy and provides a chance for them to introduce their business, past experiences and what plans they have for the future.

Webpages in someone’s native language are better for conversion

When we founded the Netlingua Translation Agency, our goal was to help overcome language barriers in the European Union, to help everyone understand the neighboring country’s inhabitants simply and efficiently.

With our wide network of translators, we are now able to reach that goal every day, and we are proud to say that no language in the world can stop us now!

Webpages and web shop translations to English and other languages

Besides webpage translations we also help in the translations of web shops, product specifications and descriptions, and even catalogues or instruction manuals.

Over the past ten years we have made communication with foreign business partners much easier for numerous local small and large businesses. We helped in the analyzing and signing of franchise agreements, in searching for foreign suppliers and in concluding cooperation agreements that cross borders. We know serious players in English economic life; we translated all kinds of webpages to English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak and the Romanian languages.

Who translates the webpages?

Netlingua Translations Agency’s Glasgow office is especially proud of the fact that for webpage translations we only work together with professional translators who have years of experience and speak numerous languages fluently. These translators have the highest level of language certificates, and of course, they have all taken the professional translator exam.

How is the translation/localization performed?

We always handle webpage translations with great care. We often pair certain given phrases with the most useful keywords and phrases, and thanks to this the websites get a much better spot on Google.

Thanks to our expanded translator database, the text is always translated by someone who has experience in the given area, or for whom this area is their hobby, or their area of interest. In other words, a legal text will be translated by a lawyer. In this way we can be sure that the translator knows what they are writing about and that they won’t prepare a ‘mirror image’ translation, which would sound strange in the foreign language.

We strive to finish translations in the shortest time possible, we always keep our deadlines and, up until now, we have never had a complaint about our communication. For a price quotation please click the Price Request menu button or send us the text in an email to glajtos[at]yahoo[dot]com, and we will send you our price quotation.

For more details please call us now at 07459 490 814!