Technical Translation

Looking for French, German or Italian technical translation in Glasgow? Our colleagues have an excellent knowledge of  different technical areas; they are capable of creating a high-quality translation from both the technical and linguistic points of view, while keeping prices competitive.

Some of the specialty areas of our Glasgow translation agency:

Construction, local development, building mechanicals, information technology, software development, energy, mechanical planning, soil samples, surveying, environmental protection, waste management and fire protection text translations.

There are certain documents within the area of technical translation that we can translate very quickly, these could be geodesics, architecture, building mechanics, energy supply, building electrical plans, or statics and soil samples.

What you can count on us for:
  • Tender documents, tenders, tender applications translation
  • Fiscal plans and budget translations
  • Construction documentation translation
  • Business letters, technical documents translation
  • Technical descriptions, specifications, parameters translation
  • translation of user manuals, maintenance instructions, handbooks
  • Certificates, regulations, trademarks and patents, European Union documentation translation
  • Contracts, contract drafts, pre-agreement translations
  • Legal documents, settlements, agreement translations
  • Special translations subtitling construction plans
Technical translation in Glasgow in the following languages:

Hungarian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Dutch, Portuguese, Estonian, Swedish, Danish, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Polish.

Our professional translators have proofreading experience, technical translation preparation at reasonable prices, try out our translation services and be convinced as to why ever more customers choose us for their technical translations.

Due to our wide ranging translator relationship base we can handle even lengthy texts in a fairly short time.

Affordable translation services in Glasgow

Our prices were determined in order to provide a competitive service to our customers, with our reasonable prices you save more, quality translations in almost all technical areas.

Our translation agency takes quality control very seriously.

We can help you with technical and linguistic proofreading as well, quality editing or page setting, text writing or text editing quickly and at reasonable prices.

Preparation of certified or normal translations.

Technical translations in a short time

Netlingua Translation Agency doesn’t just translate from English to foreign languages, we are able to translate between two foreign languages quickly and in high quality, whether it is English-Spanish, English-German, English-French, English-Slovak or a combination of other languages, our professional translators speak and translate most European Union languages at a high level.

We have an especially large experience in the field of technical translation, since accession to the European Union the need for German, French and English documentation has increased here at home. Our goal is the preparation of quality technical translation in a short time, helping efficient communication between you and your foreign partners, as well as improving efficiency, which will show in your business results.

Visitors are more responsive to text in their mother tongue!

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you deal with, it’s important for you to know that foreign customers and buyers prefer to read information in their own language. If you have a webpage or website, it would be to your advantage to translate the site into the target market language, as many studies have shown that in order to increase the conversion of users it is critically important to address the users in their mother tongue, which makes them more willing to buy – a fact that most medium and large companies here at home already recognize..

Text editing

Editing of documents in word .doc, .xls, .rtf, .pdf or other formats. HTML or CDS coding, text editing for internet sites, text writing or article writing depending on your needs.

You decide what the article should be about and we will write it for you.

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