Technical Translation

Looking for FrenchGerman or Italian technical translations? Our colleagues have excellent knowledge in different technical areas; they are capable of creating high-quality translations from both technical and linguistic points of view.

Some of the specialty areas of our Glasgow translation agency:

Construction, local development, building mechanicals, information technology, software development, energy, mechanical planning, soil samples, surveying, environmental protection, waste management and fire protection texts.

There are certain documents within the area of technical translation, which we can translate very quickly, these could be geodesics, architecture, building mechanics, energy supply, building electrical plans, or statics and soil samples.

What you can count on us to translate for you:
  • Tender documents, tenders, tender applications
  • Fiscal plans and budgets
  • Construction documentation
  • Business letters, technical documents
  • Technical descriptions, specifications, parameters
  • User manuals, maintenance instructions, handbooks
  • Certificates, regulations, trademarks and patents, European Union documentation
  • Contracts, contract drafts
  • Legal documents, settlements, agreements
  • Construction plans
Technical translation are in the following languages:

Hungarian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Dutch, Portuguese, Estonian, Swedish, Danish, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Polish.

Our translators have many years of experience in proofreading and technical translations. Our service is always top notch. We encourage you to find out for yourself, why everyone chooses us to translate their documents.

Affordable translation services in Glasgow

Our prices were determined by watching those of our competitors, we found that by creating more reasonable and affordable prices, we could give our customers a more flexible service in almost all technical areas.

Our translation agency takes quality control very seriously.

We can help you with technical and linguistic proofreading as well as quality editing or page setting, text writing and text editing.

Technical translations in a short time

Our translations agency doesn’t just translate from English, you are able to mix and match which languages you would like us to translate to and from. Feel free to choose any combination as our translators have excellent knowledge of over 40 languages and can handle your request easily.

We have especially large experience in the field of technical translations. Ever since the accession of the European Union, the need for German, French and English documentation has increased. Our goal is to make sure that these technical translations are perfected in order to help you and your partners communicate quickly and without any trouble.

Visitors are more responsive to text when written in their mother tongue!

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you deal with, what is important, is that your realize that foreign customers and buyers prefer to browse and read information in their own language. If you have a webpage or website, it would be advantageous to translate it into the target market language as studies have shown that in order to increase the conversion rate of users, it is important to address them in their own language, it will not only catch their attention, but will also make them more willing to buy your product, this is a fact that mot medium to large companies have recognized all over the world.

Text editing

Send us any text that you wish, and we will edit it to your liking. We accept in any format, but the most popular ones are .doc .xls .rtf and .pdf. We will send back the finished product in a format that you choose. If you need us to write an article, then we will write that for you as well.

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