Resume Translation

English résumés are needed today for more and more job interviews, and it has become an indispensable requirement in applying for a position – with our fast and affordably priced English résumé / CV translation, and our the precise resume and cover letter translation, Netlingua Translation Agency tries to help all students and professionals with their job searchers.

We have seen many resumes over the course of the years, and we can tell that we saw different pictures, data, schools, work experiences and professional knowledge in each of them. But there was one thing that was common to them: the need to get the best job or position for themselves with the help of their curriculum vitae. Certified English translation in a short time.

The resume is an important document in your life

A CV is a critically important document in your life, so it matters how it looks, how it’s edited and that it is written with correct grammar, especially if it is in a different language.

Most job applicants enter a process in which they are a part of a comparison and in wihch they have to “show their strengths” – they can’t allow a few small linguistic or grammatical errors cause a problem for their future, because in a job search or an interview, there is a lot at stake.

Job advertisements increasingly ask for other documents beside the CV, such as reference letters, motivation letters or cover letters.

Motivation letter translation from Hungarian to English quickly and easily

Netlingua translates your CV perfectly, so that your job interview will succeed

With the help of Netlingua Translation Agency you can go prepared and with maximum performance to the job interview, you can be sure that your CV is in perfect English and it’s going to be translated in such a way that whoever reads it will think that your English is first-class.

Since most students who ask us for CV translations are graduates, maybe this is a good time to mention that we have serious experience translating thesis papers as well. But we also have translated presentations, reports, submissions, exam items and other education documents.

The process of CV translation

You send your CV by email to glajtos[at]yahoo[dot]com in Word, PDF or any other computer format, and we send you a quotation and the deadline of the work immediately (usually this takes 24 hours, but it is not uncommon that we finish the work in the afternoon if you send it to us in the morning). English quick translation, professional translation in Glasgow, call us now and by tomorrow you can already have the finished translation.

After the order we give you our bank account number, where you can settle the translation fee. When you have done this, send us a short email or an SMS and we will send you the work product.

Resume translation to other languages

Besides English we can translate CVs to other European languages too, including German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Polish, Romanian, Slovak and Dutch.

In the case of these languages, the translation takes slightly longer – but we still commit to the highest possible quality and work quickly and to your satisfaction.

Don’t risk the success of a job interview; don’t go with a CV that’s not grammatically correct, because it can cost you more than you think. CV translation to English, the professional translators at Netlingua Translation Agency have years of experience in the field of resume translation, trust us with the translation, and you can focus on the next job interview, we hope that together we can succeed.

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