Certified Translation

Certified translation

Certified translations

Netlingua Translation Agency will help you with your certified translations in Glasgow and other cities.

Our agency’s specialty translators have years of professional experience, which helps them work fast and efficiently. Over the last years, companies, small and large, have sought us out for an English translation. In every case, we finished the translation swiftly while keeping up with the promised quality.

Netlingua is a translation agency, which originally specialized in certified translations.

We carry out our activities in various areas of specialization:

Business translations

Business mail, emails, reports, price requests, presentations, Word and Excel files, PR and marketing texts, economic documents, financial and accounting texts, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, diagram, drawings, banking documents.

Medical specialty translations

Medical and health documents, pharmaceutical texts, patient pamphlets, disease descriptions, usage manuals, medical device descriptions, drug descriptions, hospital reports, medical opinions, specialty articles, medical conferences, closing medical reports, medical findings, biological or chemical texts, psychological or sociological documents.

Ensuring quality and precision

A certified technical translator will help you translate your technical text.

We often translate the following:


  • Usage manuals
  • Operation instructions, usage instructions
  • Product descriptions, game descriptions
  • Equipment and machine specifications, medical device specifications
  • Industrial, technical and engineering texts, drawings, plans
  • Tenders, patents, licenses
  • Websites, webpages
Certified translation with codicil and stamp

Most often we do the following types of certified translations:

Company extracts, signature specimens, birth certificates, high school certificates, diplomas, university and college degrees, résumés and reference letters, marriage certificates, contracts, purchase and sale agreements.

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