Literary translation of articles

literary_translationOften, in order to fill up a website with content, site owners not only order articles from copywriters, but also prefer to translate prepared, interesting information from other languages. So what is literary translation? It includes translation of the following types of texts:

Publicist (newspaper and blog articles, news);
Advertising campaigns, leaflets, presentations;
Literary works, novels, stories, poetry;
Letters, correspondence;
Scripts and plays.

A literary translator is faced with a complex task: to communicate the main idea from the original, and at the same time, its primary emotions, narrative particularities, author’s personal style. That’s why professionals with appropriate qualifications are usually recruited, instead of the job being done by one’s own.

How much does a literary translation cost?

Tariffs on such translations vary. The cost is influenced by a number of factors:

Translation language, text complexity. If a language is very common, the prices are maximally accessible. For example, a single page of German translation would not cost much, whereas the same text in Arabic would be twice as expensive;

Volume. Clearly, the longer the text, the more expensive the job. Service costs are usually per pages, not per characters. I.e. if a sheet isn’t completely filled with text, you’d have to pay for an entire page either way.

Deadlines. If you need an urgent translation in the shortest timeframes, be prepared to pay the double fare.
Since literary translation requires good knowledge and skills base and particular abilities, it’s important to trust an experienced translator who has a philology degree. It’s possible to find a professional on copywriting auctions, in translation agencies.