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hungarian_translationFor English-Hungarian translation in Glasgow, a native speaking Hungarian translator will help you overcome the obstacles of the Hungarian language. Normal and certified Hungarian translations, proofreading, specialty translations are all available for reasonable prices.

Our translators work every day of the week, even Sunday, and we will do everything we can to make sure you receive your Hungarian translation in the shortest possible time.

Receive fast and accurate English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English text translations with the help of Netlingua translation agency. Hungarian translations are always done by professional translators who strive for the translation quality and the choice of the right context, style and the grammar peculiarities of the Hungarian language.

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About the Hungarian language

The Hungarian language belongs to the Uralic language family. It is the most common Finno-Ugric language.  But you don’t have to go far if you need a quality Hungarian translation. On workdays we will send you back our price quotation within an hour, and thanks to our wide-ranging base of translators we can translate even a lengthy text in a fairly short time.

Reliable and reasonable prices

Certified Hungarian translations, translations with codicil and stamp, accepted by most domestic agencies.

How to order a translation?

translation-servicesSimply write us an email and attach the text to be translated!

We will soon send you our price quotation for the Hungarian translation and if you accept it, we will begin the translation.

How can you pay for the translation?

You can pay for the translation by paying in directly to our account or by wire transfer. We will give you detailed information by email or over the phone.

What we can translate to Hungarian:

Hungarian webpage translations, business mail, contracts, specialized technical text, certificates, doctor’s attestation, resumes, price request letters, tender documentation, text about medical cooperation, newspaper articles and children’s books.

If you have any wishes or requests please let us know, whether it is a very urgent deadline or keeping special stylistic characteristics of the text, we will try everything to meet your needs!

Try us out! Netlingua translation agency in Glasgow will help you with your English-Hungarian or Hungarian-English translation!

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