Hungarian translation


Receive your Hungarian translation from us. Our translators are professionals and are highly trained in order to produce accurate translations. We work every day of the week, so even if it’s a weekend, or a holiday, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

About the Hungarian language

The Hungarian language belongs to the Uralic language family. It is the most common Finno-Ugric language.  These days it is also common to hear the Hungarian language in huge countries, such as the United States, so it’s definitely a language that is being spread around more and more these days.

Reliable and reasonable prices

Certified Hungarian translations can be finished with codicil and stamp, which is accepted by most agencies.

How to order a translation?


Simply write us an email and attach the text to be translated!

We will send you our price quotation for the Hungarian translation and if you accept it, we will begin the translation.

How can you pay for the translation?

You can pay for the translation by paying it directly to our account or by wire transfer. We will give you detailed information by email or over the phone.

What we can translate to Hungarian:

Webpages, business mails, contracts, specialized technical texts, certificates, doctor’s attestations, resumes, price request letters, tender documents, medical cooperation, texts, newspapers, books, etc.

If you have any wishes or requests please let us know, whether it is a very urgent deadline or keeping special stylistic characteristics of the text, we will try everything to meet your needs!

For details call 07459 490 814 now!