German Translation

German translation

Our agency is proud to say that in the case of German translations, we can offer you the highest quality translations. Our customers include Austrian, Swiss and German companies, who have all been satisfied with our exceptional work.

Our certified German translator colleagues will help you communicate effectively with your German audience, whether they are from Austria or Germany, you will be able to communicate with them properly.

The process of German-English translation:
  1. Send us the text that needs to be translated, you can do this by sending an email to glajtos[at]yahoo[dot]com or you can fill out the empty fields on the right side of this site and attach the text. Our office is able to handle many types of formats, whether its .doc, .docx, .xls, .pdf or .ppt.
  2. We respond with our quotation, if you accept it, we will translate your text and then send it to you by email or by post and send you the invoice to the given address.
  3. You settle the fee of the translation in cash or by transferring the money.
We handle the following kinds of German translation:
  • German business translations
  • German technical translations, usage manual, special handbook translations
  • Legal translations, contract, power of attorney, agreement translations
  • German business mail translations
  • Car or other vehicle documents (for example German sale and purchase contract translations, German registration book translations, information about the technical conditions of the car)
  • German health sciences text translations, medical document, specialty article translations
  • Resume, curriculum vitae translation
  • Psychological and sociological texts
  • Webpage, website translations to German
  • Professional economic and finance translations
  • Certified translations with codicil
  • German movie translations, subtitle, dvd subtitle translations
  • Book translations to German, novel, short story, textbooks and children’s book, study, thesis, tender translations, European Union document translations

Professional translation services

Certified German translations:

Our translation agency stamps and codicils the translated document for you on request, this is proof that the translated text is exactly the same as the original. These certified translations are accepted my most official organizations.

Translation confidentiality

Our office manages and processes all the information with total confidentiality, for a third party the data is unattainable, during the time of the translation and in the future as well. Since we translate many companies’ financial balance sheets and their confidential information, it’s important for us to be discreet and to be able to keep business secrets. The letters and business documents sent are only seen by us and, thanks to our efficient virus protection, it is impossible for the information to get out from our translation agency.

German and Swiss partner agencies

Our office cooperates with many German and Swiss translation agencies, which can be found mostly in Zurich, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Berlin, but we also have partners in Wurzburg, Cologne and Passau.


We hope that you choose us for your German translation. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

For more details call us now at 07459 490 814!