French Translation

French translation

The French language is a romance language that is of course is widely used in France, Belgium and Switzerland, but now it is also used as the everyday language of 54 countries. The French language is closely related to Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and Catalan. French is the certified language of the United Nations and the African Union, in Europe it has a big role, mostly in France and Belgium where several European Union institutions are located.

Accurate English-French translations

Netlingua translation agency will help you fight the obstacles of the French language.

Whatever your need is, we will meet your expectations. Thanks to our extended translator database, we are able to take even hundreds of pages of text and translate it within a week. When it comes to quality French translations, you can’t go wrong with us.

Our specialties in French translation:
  • French webpage translation and localization
  • Contract translations, legal translations
  • Business mail translations, French business translations
  • Tender, judicial document translations, orders, decisions
  • Resume, curriculum vitae translation
  • French documents to English, sale and purchase contracts, vehicular documents, French registration book translations
  • Translation of books, novels, children books
  • French technical translations, economic texts,
  • Translation of user manuals
Certified French translations in Glasgow

Our office will stamp and codicil your translation if you wish, these certified translations are accepted by most of the official organizations.

Professional French translations in Glasgow (covering Clydebank, Renfrew, Paisley, Kirkintilloch, Johnstone, etc.), we also offer proofreading and localization services. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. We hope that you decide to give us a try!

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