Good machine translation – a reality?

good_machine_translationQuite often, business owners, in cases of being required to add description and characteristics of foreign products on their server are faced with a problem of the lack of translation for these very products. Most often, translations for these texts are completed with the help of online resources, the quality of which causes many doubts.

Good machine translation – a reality?

So would it be more rational to order a high quality and reliable translation from an experienced professional or would it be easier to do the translation yourself with the help of services available?

Advantages and drawbacks of automated translation

If we’re talking about the advantages of quick article translation done by one’s own, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s free. I.e. when you’re ordering from a specialist, you would need to pay them, whereas online resources are completely free of charge, anybody can use them at any time. Another moment is timeframes. The user receives the result only after a minute. The online auction will, by virtue of a couple of keyboard clicks, process the provided materials and provide a translation, whatever the source language may be. Unfortunately, this is where the list of advantages of automatic translators ends.

Why is that? I should point out that, despite the lack of charges and short time spent on working with these translators, the quality of the received result is quite low. A large number of mistakes, disconnected words in the wrong cases – this is what the user gets as a result. If you need a literal translation without further thorough correction (i.e. the only thing understandable is the overall meaning of the article), then you need to purchase the services of a professional.

Where can I find a good translator?

If the quality requirements for a translation of an article prevail over the need to save time and means, there is an issue of where you can find a reliable translator.

There are several ways to solve this issue, one of which is to order a translation on content auctions. An auction is a particular type of resource where hundreds and thousands of clients and professionals communicate daily. Here you can find someone to not only translate, but to write SEO texts, news or descriptions for certain products. In addition, these services are provided for fairly reasonable costs. The drawback of these resources is the impossibility of checking translation execution – so as a result, the client can receive a text of only a slightly better quality than that of automatic resources.

The best option for high quality translation would be to contact specialized agencies which provide high quality translation services. The firms charge slightly more than professionals at auctions, but as a result, the client receives what they need – a high quality translation written in an accessible language.

One of those agencies is AvepText, whose specialists can help with SEO optimization of an article for the best search engine parameters. Highly qualified translators have proven themselves by completed projects, and only the most positive client reviews.