Finding a technical translator

technical translatorThe demand for technical translation grows every day. This type of translation is particularly in demand for the purpose of filling websites with content, as well as for writing theses. It is therefore vital to find a qualified specialist who can provide a high quality level of work.

Looking for a technical translator

Since such translations require a large knowledge base and take up a lot of time, such work is very highly valued. However, the basis here isn’t 1,000 characters, but a standard page with 1,800 characters.

The final service costs are also influenced by many factors. For example:

How common the source and the target languages are. For example, a SEO texts translation for a German website would cost you two times less than for a Japanese one;
Translation subject that affects the text’s complexity. The more specific and rare terms are contained within it, the more expensive the translation would be;
Timeframes chosen by the client. A high quality technical translation takes a few days. If we’re talking about tight deadlines, the costs increase.
Translator’s status is also an important factor. Translation by a native speaker is very valuable. Only such a person would be able to communicate the meaning of each phrase correctly. However, a native speaker isn’t always a professional, so it’s advisable to also pay attention to specialist’s other qualities.

What makes a good technical texts translation specialist?

Today it’s quite easy to find a firm that does technical translation. However, you should understand what kind of a translator would do their job perfectly. So a good specialist has a duty to:

Have a solid knowledge of terminology used in his work;
Have a profound knowledge of the translation’s subject;
Be able to simplify unclear terms from a different language without changing the meaning;
Be literate, sufficiently able to learn.
The only thing that would allow for a high quality translation of technical texts is following all these conditions.