How can I order a translation?

You can order the translation by phone, online, or by email, please send the text that needs to be translated to glajtos[at]yahoo[dot]com and tell us what language you would like to translate it to and the deadline of the translation.  We will send you a quotation in an hour. If you approve the order of the translation, we will translate it for you and send it back to you.

How can I pay for the translation?

The fee of the translation can be paid in cash or by transferring the money to our bank account.

Do you take certified translation work too?

Yes, if you wish, we stamp and codicil the translations, most of the authorities accept this type of translation.

What format should I send the text that needs to be translated?

Most of the texts that we get are in Word, Excel and PDF format. Usually we are able to open other formats, if not, we will inform you in time.

What is the deadline you work under?

Most of the time, we are able to translate 4-5 pages in 24 hours and send it back to you, if it’s a lengthier text, we will inform you by email when the translation is going to be done.