Privacy policy

With this privacy Statement, would like to commit itself to secure and reliable internet commerce, and to stand for the protection of personal data and individual rights.

In accordance with the Data Protection Law, we may only use the personal information you have provided (name, address, telephone number, etc.), and your user data, for concluding agreements, invoicing, for the purpose of giving advice and for our own marketing purposes. We will not give this information or data to third parties!

The only way the data can be given to third parties is if you give prior, definite permission to do so.

1. What personal information do we request, and how do we process it?

a. Anonymous data

While visiting our webpage(s) freely available to the public, you can search as you wish anonymously. We only use anonymous visits for statistical purposes, for the optimization of our internet appearance and to increase overall system security, the data recorded contains no personal information. The only data recorded are the domain name, the IP address, your computer’s configuration and the type of search engine used. We also automatically record the names of the internet pages you came to us from, and the ones you visited here by us, as well as the time you visited and for how long. One cannot infer your personal information or user profile from this data, you, as a private user, stay completely anonymous. In addition, we do not track your searches.

b. Personal information that is processed

At the time of ordering, if you choose to sign up for our newsletter, we ask for your personal data. This is the only personal data that we process.

2. Why do we ask for personal data?

We ask for your personal data in order to confirm identification, in order to send you the free vitamin sample and we use it to carry out your order. If you sign up for our newsletter, we record your data on our newsletter list.

3. When do we ask for personal information?

We record your personal data for your order, and if you sign up for our newsletter. Otherwise, no personal data is ever recorded, which meets you can look through our services completely anonymously.

4. Who has access to personal information?

Your data becomes accessible by our colleagues when they are taking care of, and working on, your order.  We have called their attention to the fact that they may only use your personal data for the legitimate fulfillment of your task and that their confidentiality obligation extends to after the fulfillment of that task. In addition, our colleagues are intimately familiar with the rules regarding data protection rights, they are obligated to the protection and confidentiality of the data, they are familiar with the criminal law consequences for breaching such obligations.

Transfer of personal data to third parties can only occur in cases strictly controlled by law.

5. What rights does the user have over his or her personal data?

We call your attention to your rights in the Data Protection Law, with special emphasis on:

a. Right to be informed

You have the right under the Data Protection Law to ask for more information about the data we have recorded.

b. Right to object

You have the right under the Data Protection Law to ask for the deletion or restriction of the data you have not permitted to be obtained, and for the correction of errors in the data. This request does not affect data for invoicing or accounting purposes.

c. Corrections, deletions, restrictions

You have the right under the Data Protection Law to restrict your data that is collected for the purposes of advertising, market or public opinion research.

6. How do we ensure that the Data Protection Law and other applicable legal rules are followed?

We ensure this by taking every necessary technical and organizational step, in accordance with the obligatory rules of the Data Protection Law, to protect your personal information.

7. Contact

If you have a question regarding the data protection of Netlingua Translations, please ask our colleague in charge of data protection who, in case you have a complaint or objection, is available to meet with you.

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