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translation-saleNetlingua translations agency in Glasgow provides the highest-quality translation and proofreading services in FrenchGerman, Italian and Spanish.  We also cover most Eastern-European languages including Polish, Czech, Russian, Slovak and Hungarian. We offer affordable rates and fast translations.

translators3Here at Netlingua Translations agency, our most important concern is offering a translation service to this market that is faster, more flexible, more customer-oriented and more stringent about deadlines. These are the principles on which our translation office is built.

Business translation
Technical translation
Webpage translation
Translation of user manuals

Speed – we strive to start translating incoming material immediately; after your approval by phone or email, our translators start the work right away, so that you can get the completed work in the shortest possible time. After you send the text that needs to be translated in word, pdf, or any other format, we send you a price quotation. If you accept it, then we start the translation, we send you our bank account number and the work product, and we will send you the invoice by post.

Flexibility – relying on our customers’ satisfaction, our company is really flexible with translation tasks; we are willing to work on weekends or even on holidays. If an order is important and it needs to be done as soon as possible, we will try everything to get the finished translation to your hand as soon as possible.

Our most popular languages: 
Arabic French Japanese Slovak
Bulgarian German Korean Spanish
Chinese Greek Norwegian Swedish
Croatian Hebrew Persian Tamil
Czech Hindi Polish Thai
Danish Hungarian Portuguese Ukrainian
Dutch Indonesian Russian Urdu
Finnish Italian Serbian Vietnamese

Fast and inexpensive translation, just the way you like it!

Customer orientation – we try to keep in step with changing customer needs and to satisfy those needs with the highest possible quality. If you need an urgent translation, we will try everything in order to finish it quickly. We arrange our translation service in a way that is the most comfortable and the least problematic for you, you can send the text that needs to be translated from the comfort of your office or home, and we send it back to you the same way: through the internet, so you don’t even have to leave home, and this way you can save time and energy, not to mention the annoyance of the big city’s traffic or the morning and evening traffic jams. Translation, specialty translation, proofreading in Glasgow.

Meeting deadlines – in every case, we meet the agreed deadline. Since we have a comprehensive group of translator relationships and specialty translator groups, we are able to translate lengthier materials in a relatively short time; this is what makes us different from the other translation agencies. Now we translate in more than 40 languages, for details call us on the phone or write a short email with your needs.

High-quality, fast translation with reasonable prices

Quality translations in Glasgow and other cities in a very short time. We try everything to get the translation done fast and send it back to you in a comfortable way, our prices are extremely competitive compared to the other local translation agencies and no fee is charged for the speed. Besides these qualities, it’s useful to remember that we only work with professional translators, who have a perfect knowledge of the characteristic signs of the given language and they have years of experience in the field of translating.

You can find our company in Glasgow, thanks to the opportunities of the internet, you are able to order translations in the whole country, moreover, more than one of our clients lives abroad and translate their business mail, contracts with us to the given language.

What we have great experience with:
  • Business mail translations
  • Website translation and localization
  • Programs, localizations of computer games, localizations of software
  • Resume, curriculum vitae, CV translation from Hungarian to English in a short time
  • Contract, agreement translations to English
  • Catalogues, product descriptions, instruction manuals
  • Tender translations
  • TV show, movie text, movie subtitle translations
  • Articles, reports, literature texts, certificates
  • Business mail, marketing plans, company document translations
  • Technical and engineering translations
  • Car registration, vehicle document, sales and purchase contract translations
  • Brochure, product description, specification translations
  • Book, short story, novel, study book, children’s book translations
  • Legal, medical, health, economic, literary translations to English or from English to other languages

For more details call us now at 07459 490 814!

We offer the following document translation combinations: English to French, French to English, English to Spanish, Spanish to English, English to German, German to English, English to Italian, Italian to English, English to Dutch, Dutch to English, English to Polish, Polish to English, English to Russian, Russian to English, English to Hindi, Hindi to English and more.

We provide professional translation services in the following cities: Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcasle, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry, Bristol, London, Reading, Cardiff, Plymouth, Southampton.